Pack 4

Boat rental for five hours – Trolling Fishing or Reef Fishing


In Pack 4 we created a five-hour trip, which will give us enough time to see beautiful dolphins on our way, fish and even enjoy a relaxing swim in the ocean if our costumers wish.

We will do reef fishing or Trolling fishing, and can expect to catch species such as bonito, tuna, frigate tuna, mackerel, lemon fish, mahi-mahi’s and many more. We will enjoy a great fishing experience, which will surprise even the most demanding passengers.

With the tuna we make capture and release of the pieces that we find.

Pack 4 includes: Captain, fishing licenses, insurance, gasoline and fishing accessories.

 Capacity Luna Ship 10 people

 Capacity Bravo Ship 8 people

We recommend bringing: sun cream, towel, sun hat and proper footwear (nautical or flip flops)

Smoking area on boat.



Contact us, we will inform you in detail and you can make the reservation through credit card or bank transfer

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