Pack 3

Boat rental for four hours – Reef or Trolling Fishing


In Pack 3 we created a four-hour outing. On this trip, as the name indicates, we use reef fishing or trolling fishing. It is very common that during this trip we will see some dolphins swimming freely around our boat.

The types of fish that are expected to be caught around this depth are, bonito, albacore, listados, dorado, tuna and many more.

The Trolling is carried out in the months when the water is warmer, from May to September. Pack 3, like pack 4, are the most requested by our customers. You will have a great experience, have a lot of fun and you will learn about the world of sport fishing.

We doing catch and release for tuna.

Pack 3 includes: Captain, fishing licenses, insurance, gasoline and fishing accessories.

 Capacity Luna Ship 10 people

 Capacity Bravo Ship 8 people

We recommend bringing: sun cream, towel, sun hat and proper footwear (nautical or flip flops).

Smoking area on boat.



Contact us, we will inform you in detail and you can make the reservation through credit card or bank transfer

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