Pack 2

Boat rental for three hours– Reef Fishing 

In Pack 2 we created a three-hour outing, including everything except food. This trip is ideal for families, where all members can enjoy a great time.

During this trip we will catch fish such as snapper, bream, dentex, gilthead etc. The type of fishing we use on this trip will be bottom fishing on a stationary boat. We will reach after about twenty minutes.

 Watching dolphin

Pack 2 includes: Captain, fishing lisences, insurance, gasoline and fishing accessories.

 Capacity Luna Ship 10 people

 Capacity Bravo Ship 8 people

We recommend bringing: sun cream, towel, sun hat and proper footwear (nautical or flip flops)



Contact us, we will inform you in detail and you can make the reservation through credit card or bank transfer.

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