Fishing Holy Week 2018

We have had a good Fishing Week in Marbella, time has been with us, our boat has left only two days of the four holidays, but we have made good catches of bottom fishing, using rods and reels, fine yarns maximum 0.50 and fluro Carbon in the coales, since we had very clear water, by the currents.

The clients have enjoyed the numerous bites, the good weather, the kindness of our fishing monitor, and catching good bottom fish.

The most popular have been Pargos, Chopas, Sargos, Brotolas and Sargos soldiers or grated.

The children have also been able to enjoy the fishing and the good temperature that we have had, touching the 27 degrees some days.

The water temperature has not risen more than 16.9 degrees, a little cold, but in a few weeks we can find it at 19 or 20 degrees which will be wonderful for fishing.

The technique that has not worked the most has been the fishing of the chambel which is a line with two hooks and lead down, also saying that we had currents of about 2.5 knots from the Strait of Gibraltar (Atlantic Ocean) and that we has forced to fish with more weight than normal.

The leads that we have used have been between 180 grams and 200, because if we put less weight we did not reach the bottom. We have used different baits such as fresh sardines, squid and pieces of prawns.

We entered into some good dates to make fishing charters on our boat LUNA, in the next months we have the migrations of the tunas and the fish in the background. So if you get the fishing bug, do not hesitate to contact us for your next adventure !!

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