We have a wide variety of fishing equipment for both fishing with children, bottom fishing and deep-sea fishing.

For trips with children we use light weight, but very resistant rods made by the Penn brand, these reels are developed for fishing in the sea, and thanks to these reels we can catch fish of up to 10 kilograms with little effort.

The rods are made of carbon, they are light and have a very good flexibility to notice the bites of fish.

The Rods we use for bottom fishing are made by the brands Shimano and Cormoran. They are longer then usual, which a measurement of up to 2.60M and have 9 ceramic rings.

The reels are made by the brands Penn and Carretes Shimano. Brands that have shown us over the years a lot of durability.

The reels are 50LRS Shimano models with a big break on them, to be able to stop the Tuna or Marlin when they bite and not leave us without thread.

For giant tuna fishing, we use 80-pound rods and 130-pound reels, with a capacity of up to 1000 meters. We also carry a variety of fishing equipment made by the most professional brands on the market today.




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