Fishing equipment 2021

In our space that we have reserved for fishing, we prepare all our equipment, samples and everything necessary for the season.

Change of hooks, rings, threads etc. that allows us to be always up to date with all the best for fishing and avoid failures when fighting with a good example of Tuna or Marlin.

The change of jars and rings is very important since the salt deteriorates a lot after several hours exposed at sea.

Today we can buy these reinforced jars in boxes of 100 units at a very good price.

We use samples of all kinds as we have tested countless of them in our waters.

For deep-sea fishing in Malaga, we use the Tinita, Halco, Yozuri brand a lot and in Black Bart octopus their price is high, but they do not fail when there is fish above the water eating.

On the subject of samples, I do not want to say that other brands are not good, but the years that I have been going out fishing these are the ones that give me the most confidence today.Also for bottom trolling I have to say that Yozuri is for me the best sample and the squid of this brand are the best solution for not very rocky bottoms.

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