Trolling Fishing

In Pack Trolling Fishing we created a five-hour outing. On this trip, as the name indicates, we use reef fishing or trolling fishing. It is very common that during this trip we will see some dolphins swimming freely around our boat.

The types of fish that are expected to be caught around this depth are, tuna, bonito, albacore, listados, dorado, tuna and many more.

The Trolling is carried out in the months when the water is warmer, from May to September. You will have a great experience, have a lot of fun and you will learn about the world of sport fishing.
Fishing for tuna and marlin on the Lunapesca boat in Marbella is an experience like no other. The deep blue waters of the Mediterranean are home to some of the most sought-after game fish in the world, and the skilled crew of the Lunapesca know exactly where to find them.

As you set out from the marina, the anticipation builds. The sun shines down on the deck, and the salty sea air fills your lungs. You feel alive, ready to take on the challenge of reeling in a big one.

The boat cuts through the waves, and soon you’re in prime fishing territory. The crew sets up the lines and lures, and you feel the excitement building. It’s not long before you get your first bite.

The fish is strong, pulling hard against your line. You dig your heels in, holding on for dear life. The crew cheers you on, urging you to keep fighting. After a few tense minutes, the fish tires, and you’re able to reel it in. It’s a beautiful marlin, its iridescent scales shimmering in the sunlight.

Over the course of the day, you catch more fish than you can count. Tuna, marlin, and other game fish all succumb to your expert fishing skills. It’s an unforgettable experience, one you’ll remember for years to come.

As the sun begins to set, you head back to shore, tired but exhilarated. The Lunapesca crew cleans and prepares your catch for you to take home, a delicious reminder of your day on the water. Fishing on the Lunapesca boat in Marbella is an adventure not to be missed.



This experience includes:

Visit of dolphins Relaxing boat ride
Relax and bath time with family and friends Beverage
Captain, fishing licences, insurance, fuel and fishing accessories


Don’t forget to bring:

Food Sun cream
Towel Cap or hat
Nautical o sport footwear


5 hours 900€ + IVA
6 hours 1100€ + IVA
8 hours 1600€ + IVA
10 hours 2000€ + IVA
5 hours
Trolling Fishing
Visit of dolphins
Private charter
Precio desde:
<table class="tabla-precios"> <tr class="tabla-precios-row"> <td class="tabla-precios-col"><p>3 horas</p></td> <td class="tabla-precios-col"><p>700€</p></td> </tr> <tr class="tabla-precios-row"> <td class="tabla-precios-col"><p>4 horas</p></td> <td class="tabla-precios-col"><p>900€</p></td> </tr> <tr class="tabla-precios-row"> <td class="tabla-precios-col"><p>5 horas</p></td> <td class="tabla-precios-col"><p>1100€</p></td> </tr> <tr class="tabla-precios-row"> <td class="tabla-precios-col"><p>6 horas</p></td> <td class="tabla-precios-col"><p>1300€</p></td> </tr> <tr class="tabla-precios-row"> <td class="tabla-precios-col"><p>7 horas</p></td> <td class="tabla-precios-col"><p>1600€</p></td> </tr> </table>
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